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  1. looking for a simple to use podcast app for osx. Not itunes! | AppleVis
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  3. looking for a simple to use podcast app for osx. Not itunes!
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  5. How to Add Podcasts to iTunes in Mac OS X Lion

looking for a simple to use podcast app for osx. Not itunes! | AppleVis

You can download it from Play Store for free and use it with ads, or you can become a premium subscriber and get access to several extra features. With the Gold plan, you can sync your playback history across devices, choose from a number of different themes, turn on intelligent data compression to get more out of your monthly mobile data allowance, and access advanced settings, which let you customize the app to your liking.

Pro subscribers get access to full media backup, personalized search, faster feed updating, and priority support. Patrons get all the benefits of the Gold and Pro subscription plus human recommendations, public recognition, and insider access to beta features.

If you own a vehicle with CarPlay support and would like to listen to podcasts while driving or waiting in traffic, Downcast has you covered. Downcast is often considered to be the best podcast downloader for iOS because of its ability to continue podcast downloads in the background. Being able to download podcasts in the background is especially useful if you have unlimited mobile data and are not used to downloading podcasts before you leave your house.

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With Downcast, you can just leave the download to continue in the background and use your phone or tablet as you would normally. Downcast supports Chromecast, so you can listen to your favorite podcasts on a number of devices, including high-definition television or home audio systems.

BeyondPod is designed with drivers in mind. It also works with Android Wear devices, so you can keep your phone in the pocket and still be able to skip all the boring parts. If you decide to purchase the optional Pro Unlock Key from the Play Store, you receive extra features and functionality, including the ability to download several podcast episodes at once, Chromecast support, and episode synchronization between devices. The original Castro podcast app for iOS was a huge hit, and Castro 2 is even better.

looking for a simple to use podcast app for osx. Not itunes!

The goal of this app is to help you keep up with lots of podcasts without overwhelming you with new content. Castro 2 has an innovative feature called Triage. With Triage, you can keep expanding your listening habits without ending up drowning in the sea of notifications for new podcast episodes. DoggCatcher has a handy home screen widget for easy access to playback controls, and it remembers the current play position of all your podcasts so you can always pick up from where you left off.

Best Podcast Apps in All for Perfect Mobile Podcasting.

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In the bottom of the Loop Browser window, click once on any item such as Acoustic Sunrise in the screenshot above to listen. If you want to add album artwork that will be displayed when your podcast is played, follow these steps:. Click the Media Browser button to browse all your available photos and other media:.

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  • Our favorite Podcast app for iPhone & iPad: Overcast — The Sweet Setup.

You can add as many pictures as you like to your podcast and set time markers which indicates when that artwork will be displayed as shown below, as well as a master episode picture:. Choose the desired output encoding settings.

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Your new podcast will be created and is now ready to play! I've been passionate about Apple ever since I bought my first iPod followed by a white polycarbonate MacBook in Roland's Google Profile.

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How to Add Podcasts to iTunes in Mac OS X Lion

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