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  1. 4 Free Beautiful macOS Theme And Skin Pack For Microsoft Windows 10
  2. 10 Beautiful Elegant Replacement Docks for your Mac
  3. 10 Beautiful Elegant Replacement Docks for your Mac • Beautiful Pixels
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For Windows XP: UXTheme Patcher. True Transparency. For Windows 7: Left Sider for moving minimize, maximize and close buttons to the left. MSStyler Theme is not a perfect match of Mac Leopard, many of the visual features are missing, for e.

4 Free Beautiful macOS Theme And Skin Pack For Microsoft Windows 10

Besides this, you can also add transparency effects to your windows and change the colors of the windows only in full version. What Finder is? Finder is a Windows Explorer like application for Mac. It has a toolbar and a search bar. A slim menu bar is always appeared on the desktop, whether the Window is opened or not.

10 Beautiful Elegant Replacement Docks for your Mac

To see which version of Finder you are using, click Finder and then click About Finder. In the left hand side of the Finder Window , you will see shortcuts to different places on your computer, for e. Styler Toolbar. Although it's not functional but will give you can exact look of the original.

10 Beautiful Elegant Replacement Docks for your Mac • Beautiful Pixels

Unzip the folder and copy the unzipped folder "Menu Bar" to C: Finder Menu Bar will replace your Taskbar, you will not be able to switch between different windows in the way as you usually do in Microsoft Windows. For switching between different windows, click Windows to see different windows in the list, or use Alt-Tab button on your keyboard. To replace these patched files with the original ones you will be required to download Replacer and Windows File Protection Switcher.

Run WFP Switcher.

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Window may give file protection error, ignore it. After finishing with WFP Switch, restart your computer. Replace the following P atched Files with the originals using Replacer: Run Replacer, a command prompt window will be open;. Replacer will ask you whether to replace the file. Press Y and enter;. Replacer will take a few second and your file will be replaced. Close all the running applications on Windows;. Right click taskbar and click Task Manager;. Click Processes, then right click "explorer. All the icons and taskbar and even sidebar will be gone;. Click Browse;.

How To Get Mac OS X Leopard Skin For Dock

Now go to the folder where the patched "explorer. Windows will ask you whether to replace the existing file. Click Yes. Thus in this way, you can easily replace patched "explorer. Make sure that "explorer. Now restart your computer;. You may notice that some icons have changed to Vista icons and some do not.

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You will notice that all the old-looking XP icons have been change to Vista icons. Rename the following to match with Mac OS X: Local Disk C: Other Local Disk D: The dock is your shortcut bin where you can get to the programs you use most often. It also shows icons of all the programs you are running. It is a very important and perhaps the most powerful thing for a Mac user. It works like Taskbar for Mac.

Another candy coated dock, Plastic comes in Blue and Ice flavours. While Ice is a little too reflective for my liking, Blue goes well with bright vibrant wallpapers. Another brilliant double layered dock. I love the way it looks with the Flurry icon set from Iconfactory. Thanks to Joseph for this screenshot.

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macOS Sierra Theme for OS X Leopard

To support us and help us pay our bills, click here. The download is 6. Installation Time! Double Click the. Now that its finnaly installed remove all the Shortcut's and other things on the dock by Dragging them onto the desktop, They will go poof and dissapear. After you extract the File open the new folder that appears In the folder there is another Folder called Mac OS X Leopard You don't need to open that folder Move or copy that folder to the rocketdock Skin's folder The Skins folder is found by: What you think you're done?

Now you need some stuff to put in the Dock Here i will suggest the stuff to put in it What i use: Download the icons Heres the info Download: